Have you ever wondered whether your kind thoughts and intentions towards someone really mattered or made a difference? Have you thought about sending a message and then got ‘busy’ and never got around to it? Have you dismissed your value to a friend because you didn’t want to ‘bother’ them?

Believe me – you and your thoughts, prayers, texts, calls, visits – they all matter. I’m sure each soul in the world who is going through a tough time would agree.

Navigating turbulent waters of my own recently has highlighted this to me – I am so grateful to the support network that emerged to hold me – reaching as it did across continents and time zones. I was surprised and humbled at its extent. Like a spiders web that’s seen only when the dew falls, it is delicate and yet strong at the same time. Sometimes, support came from people I don’t know well at all and always in ways that touched my heart.

We are all individual and how we express our support reflects that – there is no right way. Just know each card matters, each text appreciated, each phone call not an intrusion but a surprise and welcome opportunity for connection and laughter. Knowing that I was included in a loving kindness meditation or someone’s prayers – it all makes a difference.

And it’s not all about ‘doing’ – often it’s the ‘being’ that’s more valued; bearing witness to pain and suffering, listening with all your heart, being present to breakthroughs and celebrating milestones of achievement, simply giving a person a sense that for those few moments, they are your priority – it all counts.

Never underestimate your value – you could lift someone’s spirits and make their day a little brighter just knowing you are there for them, from near or far.

Where can you give a little support today?

A little bit of
 attention and kindness can 
totally change a whole life, 
and a lack of that can do the same.
~ Adrien Brody