About Heir Island

Islands are magical places, and many people describe Heir Island this way.

Heir Island lies half a mile off the West Cork coastline, some 11 kilometres from Skibbereen and a 5 minute ferry crossing from the mainland. It has so much wild rugged natural beauty to offer: unspoilt sandy beaches; a profusion of wild flowers; dramatic cliffs at the western end and glorious panoramic views are all in abundance within an atmosphere of unrivalled peace and solitude.

Here you can enjoy undisturbed tranquility, a slow pace of life and a deep peace. There’s a reason it’s called Roaring Water Bay – the wind and sea are your constant companions. As well as nature’s soundtrack – the gull’s call or perhaps a curlew – there may be the occasional engine noise of an old car, a braying donkey, a tractor or a motor boat.

The island is about one a half miles from east to west and about a mile from north to south. Many tracks, lanes and paths criss-cross the island just waiting to be explored.

To learn more about Heir Island, visit their website here .