904, 2018

Ancient wisdom for today

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Last month, I visited Newgrange – a prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland, located 8 kilometres west of Drogheda on the north side of the River Boyne. Newgrange is the best known Irish passage tomb and dates to c.3,200BC. It is massive, distinct and mysterious. The large mound is approximately 80m in diameter and is surrounded at its base by a kerb of 97 stones. The most impressive of these stones is the highly decorated [...]

904, 2018

Thoughtfulness matters

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Have you ever wondered whether your kind thoughts and intentions towards someone really mattered or made a difference? Have you thought about sending a message and then got ‘busy’ and never got around to it? Have you dismissed your value to a friend because you didn’t want to ‘bother’ them? Believe me – you and your thoughts, prayers, texts, calls, visits – they all matter. I’m sure each soul in the world who is going [...]

103, 2018

Lessons in Non Attachment

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As the last yoga retreat of the year approached at the end of October, it was interesting to look back over this year and the story that the Retreat would tell if it could. Ten yoga retreats with 3 different teachers, a Mindfulness and kayaking retreat, musicians composing a site responsive piece to perform to an audience on the island and in Cork, a solo cello recital, a pop-up restaurant, a haven for some individual [...]

2511, 2017

Seize the Day, Seize the Moment

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There are many sayings encouraging us to make the most of our days, to live in the present - Carpe Diem, live life to the full, you never know what’s around the corner, live for today. However, in my experience, it’s only when life comes up with something unexpected, that one realises how flippantly we use these phrases without really understanding or appreciating the fullness of their meaning. The only thing we have for certain [...]

410, 2017

A Man Called Jack

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I met a man recently who I found to be truly inspiring. He set me thinking about what inspiration is, where it comes from, why we find things inspiring and most of all – what we do from our inspired state of mind. His name is Jack Lowe – he is the man behind the Lifeboatstation Project (LSP). This is a magnificent project to create archive photographs of the RNLI stations and crew around the [...]

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