As the last yoga retreat of the year approached at the end of October, it was interesting to look back over this year and the story that the Retreat would tell if it could.

Ten yoga retreats with 3 different teachers, a Mindfulness and kayaking retreat, musicians composing a site responsive piece to perform to an audience on the island and in Cork, a solo cello recital, a pop-up restaurant, a haven for some individual guests, a venue for some community activities and selfishly…an amazing space for my own yoga practice.

And this is just part of the story – more significant is the experiences that have been created, the memories made.

‘Fantastic, magical, relaxing place. A little bit of heaven on earth. Thanks so much’ Sonya

“A beautiful and special place. Thank you so much for hosting the fabulous weekend. Relaxing, nourishing, amazing views.” Michael

Beautiful place for peace, food for the soul’ Carol

Looking to the future – more yoga and meditation retreats, a wine course, a literary event, retreats taking people on transformational journeys and all sorts of great stuff we don’t even know about yet.

Someone asked me recently what our experience of creating Retreat had been – I paused momentarily and then realised that the experience has been so rewarding and fulfilling. This was the dream – to create a space where people could come and experience some of the magic of Heir Island, be nourished and leave inspired. Whether that happens through music, yoga, a workshop or simply a short stay on their own – we’re not attached.

As 2018 beckons it feels as though the Retreat is gaining in confidence – it’s ready to fly whilst keeping itself fully grounded and continuing to hold people with care and compassion. A new name, a new identity and new space to share some of the wonderful moments that happen here.

It’s a good lesson in non-attachment. It’s easy to get caught up in how we want things to be or how they should look. Sometimes it can be helpful to stand back and ask what’s trying to happen here, what wants to unfold.

However, only ask this question if you are really willing to hear the answer and then let go.

What ideas are you too attached to?

What are you trying too hard to make happen?

What might be possible if you let go?