21st – 23rd June 2024

Regina Crowley and Bernadette Cronin are Ireland’s only Designated Linklater Voice Teachers. They have chosen Heir Island as the ideal setting for their first Linklater Ireland Workshop.

Bernadette Cronin teaches at the Department of Theatre, University College Cork. An actor, theatre-maker and deviser, she is a designated Linklater Voice Teacher and a co-founder and co-artistic director of Gaitkrash Theatre Company (www.gaitkrash.com).

Regina Crowley lectures at the MTU Cork School of Music. A performer, director and deviser, she is a co-founder and co-artistic director of Gaitkrash Theatre Company (www.gaitkrash.com). She was designated by Kristin Linklater a Linklater Voice Teacher in 2010, and subsequently assisted Linklater in a number of training sessions and teacher designations.

Drawing on the work of the world-renowned master voice teacher Kristin Linklater, this workshop will take you through a clear progression of step-by-step practical exercises that will help you release tension, find freedom in your breath and your vocal vibrations, strengthen your voice through exploration of resonance, capacity and range.

Full workshop details are available here

For further information and booking details, please email: linklaterireland@gmail.com.